Tips for taking your trophy photograph

As responsible hunters, we have to be sensitive to other hunters and especially to the non-hunting public. In spite of all the gains that have been made in the area of hunter ethics, big game animals continue to be photographed in inappropriate manners.  On or in the back of vehicles, hanging in garages, or lying in a heap on the ground with little thought given to composing the photograph and displaying the animal properly. Tongues hanging out, blood on the animal or on the ground, arrow holes showing in the body, and legs askew contribute to distasteful and inappropriate photographs.

Societal values and sensitivities have changed drastically, and many practices of the past are no longer considered to be in good taste. Just as the practice of transporting big game animals on the fenders or hoods of vehicles is no longer considered appropriate, the publication of trophy photos, which do not display the animal in a discreet and respectful way, is no longer acceptable and will not be posted on this web site.

Here are some tips on making your photograph appropriate for posting in the Gallery:

  1. Photograph the animal in the environment in which it was harvested.  Not in your front yard, in the back of your truck or ATV, hanging in a garage, or on a meat pole.
  2. Photograph the animal before gutting it, or make sure no body cavity is visible in the picture.  Cover it with your pack, jacket, and bow.
  3. Remove all signs of blood from you and the animal.
  4. Place the animal’s tongue back into the mouth.
  5. Arrange the animal’s legs so that they are folded up underneath the animal, or folded back as if the animal is lying down.
  6. Pose in a respectful manner with the animal.  Do not sit on top of the animal, straddle the animal as if you are riding it, or put a foot up on the animal as if you have bested it.

If you treat the animal that you harvest with respect and follow these simple tips, you will be able to take a picture that hunters and non-hunters will enjoy. 

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