UBNJ Deer Management Hunts

Please contact the Deer Management HUNT MANAGER for any questions you may have about the location, etc. Please also refer to the UBNJ Rules and Regulations page for more detailed instructions. All NJ State hunting laws apply.

As hunts are opened to accept applications they will be listed as OPEN below; please check back often for the status of various hunts that you may be interested in applying for.

Hunt fees are $40.00 PLUS the $10.00 application fee UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED.

Please note the following: 

1. Please do not submit an application for a hunt that is not posted on this page. 

2. Do not send in hunt fees with your application. The hunt fees will be collected by the hunt manager at orientation. 

3. Applications missing documentation and application fee will not be processed! 



Deer Management Name:           Township of Denville -  HUNT is OPEN
Hunt Manager:                                Dennis Steckert

Hunt Location:                                Denville, NJ
NJ Hunting Zone:                            Zones 6, 13, 36/ Morris County
Hunting Season:                             All archery deer seasons
Sunday Bowhunting:                     NO
Baiting:                                             YES
Hunting Type:                                  Bow or Crossbow ONLY
Hunt Requirements:                      Must take one antlerless deer first. Antlered deer must be 8  points or better. 

First deer must be donated by  hunter to HHH and dropped off at V Roche & Sons Whitehouse Station Nj. The town will pay the cost.



Deer Management Name:            Deer Path - HUNT is OPEN
Hunt Manager:                               Renee Bickar
Hunt Location:                               Bethlehem, NJ, Hunterdon County
Hunting Season:                             All archery deer seasons
Sunday Bowhunting:                    Yes
Baiting:                                         Yes
Hunting Type:                               Bow ONLY
Hunt Requirements:                     Must take one antlerless deer first. 








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