UBNJ is the Statewide Bowhunting Organization in New jersey. Our goal is to promote and preserve our tradition and heritage as bowhunters. But we are for every hunter and more. Since the 1900's, the American Hunter has been the leading Conservationist in the United States; contributing funds, time, and resources to wildlife and the environment. Without hunting, the population of game animals in this country would not be as healthy as it is today.

Our Deer Management program in NJ has grown to over 14 locations with 5000 acres of prime hunting land for our membership. Our main objective for this program is to manage the deer population while offering bow hunters their own private place to hunt. The outcome is less traffic accidents, reduced exposure to lyme's disease and decreased landscaping/agricultural loss. We strive on the following practices for our success:

  • Our #1 objective is to hunt safe. We only allow tree stand hunting and ensure all hunters wear safety harnesses. The ground acts as our backstop. Safety
  • Insurance
    We insure all hunters that participate in the program to remove any liability from the landowners. We have $5M in liability insurance this year! 
  • Process
    We have documented process and procedures for the program with detailed rules and regulations that must be adhered to. We implement a zero tolerance policy if they are not followed. 
  • Responsibility
    The landowners can dictate their own set of rules in addition to our own to align with their requirements. Some hunting is done only certain times or days of the week to meet the owners schedule. 
  • Proficiency and Screening
    Each hunter that applies for our program must complete and sign a minimum set of documentation that allows UBNJ or the landowner to do background checks, keeps track of automobile information, must pass a proficiency test with the bow and possess a firearms ID card.

Some programs and activities outside of hunting that the UBNJ participates in and contributes to are listed below:

  • Fund raising events for Hunt of a Lifetime. We’ve raised in excesss $20,000.00 so far 
  • 3D Shoots, game dinners and golf outings for Family and Friends 
  • Archery Certification Instruction and contributions for the NASP Archery program
  • Legislative activity to promote more bowhunting opportunities and provide more funding for the Division of Fish and Wildlife. Sunday Bowhunting and the reduction of the 450ft safety zone to 150ft for bowhunting are just some of our successes! 
  • Donate thousands of pounds of venison to HHH and Food Banks each year 
  • NJ State Hunter Safety program involvement by many UBNJ Council Members 
  • Stewardship for community and private land owners 
  • Community programs for upgrading archery ranges and archery instruction 
  • Aggressive Youth programs statewide including the Boys and Girls Scouts of America
  • Have a personalized License Plate Program
  • Our Newsletter Tracks & Trails is one of the best organizational newsletters in the Garden State!
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